Videoconferencing can open the world up for your students. We are lucky in or district to not only have a Visionet room with videoconferencing capabilities, but we also have 4 mobile units available.

The mobile units are located:
High School ~~>(1 mobile unit) in the visionet room
Elementary ~~>(1 mobile unit) in the library
Middle School ~~>(2 mobile units) downstairs: in Mrs. Dunn's room   upstairs: in the room next to teacher's lounge

How to sign up for the visionet room or the mobile units:

You must reserve the units or visionet room using Google calendar.
  • Choose the day you wish to reserve the equipment.
  • Be sure to uncheck "all day" and add the specific times you will be using the equipment.
  • Add the equipment by choosing  the "room" you want to reserve
    • the rooms include all things in the district you can check out. For example:
      • the iPad lab
      • document cameras
      • ipod touch labs
      • videoconferencing mobile units
      • computer labs
      • HS library tables

How Do I Find and Add Calendars that Aren't In My List?
Rob can answer him here: