TeamEureka APPS

Below are some resources for setting up and using your new account.  
See the sub-pages for tutorials specific to each tool, eg. Docs, Calendars, Mail, Sites

Google Apps EDU K-12 Demo get an idea of the possibilities for organizing your teaching with this teacher demo video

Logging into your account:
    It is easy to log in, simply open a web browser (Chrome works better than Internet Exploring).  Then go to
In the upper right of the page, click on "sign-in"  Enter your email and password.  It will then display your username in place of the sign-in tab.  From there you can access any of the Google suite of programs (apps) listed in the top black bar.

Annotated Resource Links:

Google Apps EDU Training Center:  

This site provides the structured step-by-step scaffolded lessons designed for EDU

Google Apps Training Videos:
Short training videos broken down by tool and topic

Apps Learning Center:
A good “getting started” site with numerous tutorial resources and transitioning tutorials

Resources and Ideas for Using Google Apps for Education:
Subpages (4): Calendars Docs Mail Sites