School Master

Tutorials on Setting up and Managing your SchoolMaster Grade Book

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How to Set up Elementary Gradebooks

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Set-up & Management

Set up

Importing Rosters -how to get your classes into your grade book for grading and attendance

Attendance - how to take attendance with your class rosters
Configurations - Weight of assignments
Copying Configurations from one class to another

Display of Quarters - to change your display of quarters to only see the current quarter

Creating/Label Quarters Headings - How to create a calculated Quarter Label for determining grades and for future posting to SchoolMaster

Edit Student order - moving your roster from ABC order


Reports, Roster, Current Status - how to make hard copies for parents or substitutes. 
View options - create the window you want your schoolmaster to open

Adding Guidance Button - to add additional button on home screen for accessing Schoolmaster Guidance page.

Update Rosters and Delete Inactive students - update your rosters to current enrolled students and delete dropped or withdrawn students. 
Grading, PASS & Uploading

Mark Table First Step - grading scale for correct building. Make sure your points are 100 for the appropriate table. 
Mark Table Second Step - one more step. Make sure your the Mark Table you are using has the value of 100. The other tables must be zero

Adding Assignments - how to add assignments to your grade book
Update PASS - changing date so right information will be exported and seen by parents.

Auto PASS - Setting up automatic backs up and PASS export

Posting Grades - Changing Mark Position and posting grades to the Office for report cards

Printing hard copies- Printing final, hard copies of grade sheets for the office.