Ready to leave Teameureka?  
Are you a graduating or departing student, or maybe a staff member moving-on or retiring, and you want to keep the work you have created within your teameureka.net account.  The instructions and resources below will direct you on how to transfer, or migrate much of your data from our Google Apps domain (teameureka.net) to a public Google.com -  Gmail account.  As with all things Google, updates are continually being made, so check the resource links for any updates to procedures or new services provided.

Migrating data from one Google account to another can be a bit of work, but once you know what you're doing it's not very hard and doesn't take much time. Below are some tools that assist with the transfer of some services, but not all.  Others have unique methods for transfer.  If you follow these instructions, you should have one Google account to rule them all in no time.

Two Helpful Tools

Migrating Your Google Services

Using Google Dashboard to move data from one Google account to another, here's what you need to do:

How Can I Migrate My Google Data from One Account to Another?

  1. Sign in to the source account (the account you want to transfer data from). 
  2. Type the following URL into the browser address bar, replacing the source and destination email addresses with your actual addresses. https://www.google.com/dashboard/migration/?srcAccount=source@teameureka.net&dstAccount=destination@gmail.com
  3. Google will take you to a page that shows your source account and that you're signed in. You'll also need to sign into your destination account in order for the data to have a place to go.
  4. Once you're signed into both accounts, you'll have a long list of services currently on the source account. If you want to transfer any of them to the destination account, check off the boxes next to their titles.
  5. After you've made your selections, you'll need to check off a few more boxes in a gray box at the end of the page. This is just to tell Google that you know what you're doing and understand what's going to happen during the transfer process.
  6. Click "I accept. Move this data."

The transfer will initiate, and when it's done the data will no longer be in the source account and only exist in the destination account. This process may  not transfer all your accounts.  New features are frequently being added to this transfer tool, so it's a good place to start.  For accounts not available in this migration tool, check the below methods of data transfer.

Export Your Other Google Data with Google Takeout

How Can I Migrate My Google Data from One Account to Another?Migrating your other data is generally pretty easy because you can just download whatever you want with Google Takeout and import it into your other account. Let's just take a quick look at how this works.

When you visit Google Takeout, all you have to do is click the "Create Archive" button at the bottom of the page and it'll download every bit of data in the list above it. That includes your Picasa web albums, contacts, docs, and various other information. It does not include your Gmail, Calendars or Sites, however. If you don't want to download all of your data, you can also choose specific types by clicking the "Choose Services" tab at the top of the page. From there, just select any services you want to download. When you've finished making your selections, click the "Create Archive" button.

This will initiate the archive creation and a download will begin when Google has everything ready for you. If you open the archive, you'll find data that's mostly readable. A lot of the files come as HTML files, and any contact information (whether through Circles or just your regular contacts) are saved as VCF contact cards (which is a standard for most address book software). While some of the data you'll download via Google Takeout can only really exist in your personal archives, as it has no other use at the moment, you'll be able to import contact cards and documents into their respective Google apps just like any regular data.  Although Google Takeout could be a bit more comprehensive, and it would be helpful if it also served as a hub for the various migration tools available, it's a good start when you need to download or move data around in your Google accounts.

Unique Transfer Methods

    Migrating Google Docs

    If you're migrating to a regular Google account, transferring your Google Docs is easy. Just select all the documents you want to migrate, go to the More Actions drop down menu, and choose Change Owner. Type in Account 2's address in the box that comes up. You'll see all your documents in Account 2.

Unfortunately, Google Docs does not allow you to change the owner to someone of a different domain, meaning migrating your documents to or from a Google Apps account takes a bit longer. Luckily, it's still pretty easy. Select all the documents you want to transfer, go to the More Actions drop down, and click on Export. This will compress all the documents into a zip file and download it to your hard drive. Afterward, you can go to Account 2 and hit the Upload button in the top left corner, and choose all the documents you just downloaded. It'll take a bit longer, but you still won't lose any functionality or data, which is nice.

Note that any documents for which you are a collaborator but not the owner will not transfer correctly with either of these methods; you'll need to contact the owner of those documents and tell them to re-share them with your new account, or make a copy prior to exporting.

    Migrating Google Sites

    To maintain a website created with your teameureka account, you will need to make a copy under your new public Gmail account.  These instruction will walk you thru the process:

  1. Invite your Google Gmail.com account as owner

    Go to your teameureka Google Site and use the Share &  Permissions: then add the Google Account e-mail address to the Add people box, choose Is Owner from the drop-down box and use the Share button.  For more detailed instructions on how to share a site with other see the Invite people to the site section of Google Sites - Site Sharing and Visibility Options

  2. Sign in to the Google Site with your new Google Gmail.com Account

    Once you have invited the Google Account make sure you sign out of your teameureka Google Apps Account and sign in to your personal Google Site using your new Google Gmail account.

  3. Copy the Site

    Use the More Actions button then Manage Site and go to General: scroll down and use the Copy Site link and complete the form (Site Name, URL and whether you want to keep revisions and sharing) and use the Copy Site button.  This then copies the site in its entirety to a new site in your new Google Public Gmail account.  The old site will still exist as a shared site until your school teameureka is deleted.  Make sure any future editing you do is on the newly copied site in your Google Gmail.com.

Migrating Google Calendar

    There are two ways to migrate your Google Calendar. One of them takes a bit longer, but we'll only use that method for your main calendar (the one that, by default, is named after your Gmail address). All of the sub-calendars, or "delegates", of the account are easier to migrate, so we'll do that second.

To migrate your main calendar, go into your Google Calendar settings and click on the Calendars tab. You'll see an option to export all your calendars, at once, to your hard drive in iCalendar format. Export them to your drive and unzip them if necessary.

Next, go to your new account (it's easiest to have each account logged into Google in a separate browser), go to Settings > Calendar Settings > Calendars and create a new one. Name it whatever you like, click Create Calendar, and then hit the import button at the bottom of the page. Choose the .ical file corresponding to your main calendar and upload it, choosing the empty Google Calendar you just created as its destination. You'll see that it shows up in calendar view.

If you have more calendars you want to import beyond the default, we're just going to share them with the other account. Go back to the Calendars tab of Account 1's settings and hit the "Share This Calendar" button next to a calendar. Type in the Account 2's address and hit Enter. Change the permissions in the drop-down window to "Make Changes AND Manage Sharing" and hit Save. Account 2 will receive an email saying that you've shared a calendar, and provide a confirmation link. The first time you receive an invitation, you'll need to click on this link, but afterward the calendar will just show up automatically. You can then go back to the Calendars tab of your new account's settings, hit the "Shared: Edit Settings" link and remove Account 1 at the bottom, by clicking the trash can icon. (This removes Account 1 from sharing the calendar, so Account 2 is left with full ownership of the calendar.) Repeat this for each of your calendars and you'll have migrated everything you need. This method works for both regular Google accounts as well as Google Apps.

    Migrating Gmail

    Migrating all your email from one Gmail account to another is a fairly involved process—and one which we detailed in our guide to changing your Gmail account without losing your email. So hit up that original guide for your Gmail migration, then come back for the rest.

    Migrating YouTube

    Unfortunately, you can only migrate your YouTube account if you created it before May 2009. If you are one of these lucky folks, though, it's quite easy. Just go to your Account settings and hit Manage Account. At the bottom of the list you'll see an option to unlink your YouTube and Google accounts. Click the link and follow the steps. The next time you log into YouTube, it will prompt you to link it to another Google Account. If you created your YouTube account after May 2009, though, you will not have this option. Your only choice is to re-upload all of your videos to a new YouTube account.